Soy Blend Crackling Candles

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Our Soy Blend Crackling Candles are a perfect way to pamper yourself or to give as a thoughtful gift by itself or as part of a gift basket.

Each 6 oz tin (holds approx 5 oz of wax) is 2 inches tall and 3 inches in diameter and are with raised ‘feet’ on the bottom to keep surfaces cool. A tight fitting lid is provided to keep your candle dust free in between uses. The tins are Made in America and rust proof making them reusable when your candle is done. Clean it out with warm soapy water, gently pry the remaining wick out, and use your tin as a cute storage or decoration piece.

A soy blend wax is used to provide a longer burning time (approx. 20+ hours per candle) with the best scent ‘throw’ as possible while burning The wax is manufactured with soybeans from US farmers and is considered clean burning.

The wooden wicks used in our tins are so much fun. They will provide you with a soothing light crackling sound similar to a softly burning campfire or wood burning fireplace. What makes them even better is that these two ply wooden wicks are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) which is a non profit organization devoted to encouraging the responsible management of the world’s forests. The wood is purchased and manufactured in the United States from landowners and mills that sell timber and forest products and have FSC certification by following safe and sustainable forestry practices. How cool is that!

Each scent offered is phthalate free and are from the same sources as all of our other products. So you’ll know that your candle is made with high quality fragrance oils.

Some things to note when burning a soy-blend candle:

  • When burning for the first time, burn for at least one hour to ensure that the top layer of the candle is completely melted to the sides of the tin. This ‘sets’ the candle so that all subsequent burns will be even (no sunken centers around the wick).
  • Sometimes soy candles can develop what appears to be a bit of white "frost", sometimes referred to as "bloom" on the surface. This is a natural occurrence on soy candles that won't affect your candle in any way.
  • - Wooden wicks do not require trimming between uses. Also, they will not soot like some standard wicks. 

We think you’ll enjoy using these candles and are delighted to offer them. We will be adding scents on a regular basis to ensure a good selection throughout each season. If you have a favorite scent just send us an email with your request.

Our tin candles are also perfect for thank you, bridesmaid, and shower gifts. Scents, colors, and labeling can be customized for your occasion. Email or call us to discuss your event.


Bramble Tea:  Juicy berries blended perfectly with spicy tea and a touch of brown sugar.  Such a comforting aroma to soothe your senses.

Calabrian Breeze:  a beautiful Tuscan breeze filled with scents of bergamot, citron, mountainside greenery.

Caramel Latte: A rich caramel scent with the perfect blend of spices, sweet cream, and tasty pralines that will delight your senses. Beware though, you may find this fragrance to cause mouthwatering cravings for a steaming cup of sweet latte.

Fluffy Pillow: Shouldn’t there be a national Hug Your Pillow day (I’d vote for one!). Clean, crisp, just-out-of-the-dryer linen scent for all sleep in late aficionados. Have you hugged your pillow today?

Frosty Windowpane:  crisp and frosty this scent is a celebration of winter with a mixture of citron, eucalyptus, peppermint, berries, vanilla, cedar, and blue spruce.  You will smell the big chill!  

Honey Dew You?heavenly sweet melon with a touch a vanilla and sweet cream will make your mouth water. 

Lavender and Herb: sweet lavender with a touch of sage, citrus zest Italian bergamot, and eucalyptus make this a truly relaxing, clean, beautiful scent you’ll enjoy

Love Spell: A sweet blend of orange, bergamot, tangerine, peaches, strawberries, and raspberries with a sexy base of white musk. It wouldn’t be a VS type scent without sexy.

Spa Daze: tranquil sparkling waters, mineral salts, crisp white towels, and lotus leaf. Treat yourself to a day at the spa.

Staycation:  you haven’t been able to get to the Caribbean?  The scent of this candle will take you away to a blue water tropical paradise.  Close your eyes and you’ll be taken there.

Viva Diva: we all have an inner diva that will swoon over this pink glam scent of peach, berry, rose, amber and sandalwood.

Yuzu Zest: a fresh sparkling citrus scent guaranteed to lighten your mood.


Each scent offered is phthalate free and are from the same sources as all of our other products. So you’ll know that your candle is made with high quality fragrance oils. 




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