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This is a soap dish that is as unique as our handmade soap products. It's a fact, soap bars last MUCH longer when they are able to dry between uses rather than setting in a puddle of water. Get more life and use out of your soap by placing them on a soap dish.

With 4 top stringer boards and three boards across the bottom, this dish is a spitting image of a miniature wooden pallet. Treat yourself to this fun and unique item or give it as a housewarming gift. This can also double as a drink coaster.

Each dish is unique and one of a kind as these dishes are made from a wide variety of reclaimed hardwoods, such as cherry, eastern white maple, red oak, white oak, hickory, ash, dark walnut, cherry, beech, etc..

This soap dish measure 3 inches by 3.75 inches by approx. .75 inches thick... plenty large enough for any of Bare Kare soaps. This dish has been meticulously hand sanded on all surfaces, edges and corners. All edges and corners have been rounded over, making them soft and elegant to the touch, yet tough and rugged looking at the same time.

This soap dish has been finished with a semi-gloss clear coat finish on both top and bottom...and side surfaces...protecting all surfaces from water penetration.  

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