Heart a Flutter soap

Heart a Flutter

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Legend has it that Cleopatra indulged in milk baths daily. This beauty queen is said to have to bathed in milk flavored with honey, lavender, or rose petals to keep her skin pure and soft. Today you can enjoy the luxury of bathing with milk surrounded with the scent of rosehip and jasmine. Each bar of Heart a Flutter is filled with pasturized goats milk, buttermilk, and heavy cream to sooth your skin. The fragrance is a beautiful blend of light-heartened rosehip and the sultry scent of jasmine. The scent of rosehip is a sweeter, more "pink" smell than straight rose. When blended with jasmine, it creates a perfect floral balance. ​  


Oils of rice bran, palm, coconut, olive, avocado and rosehip seed, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, mango and cocoa butter, blend of goats milk, buttermilk, and heavy cream, kaolin clay, fragrance oil, mica and titanium dioxide colorants, dried rose petals (can be removed before bathing). ​
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