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Aleppo soap is classified as a Castille soap and is known as one of the truest forms of hard bar soap with a history that dates back to the 8th century or earlier.  Made from pure olive oil and pressed laurel berry oil that is typically cured or ‘aged’ for one to two years, Aleppo soap is known as being one of the gentlest methods to cleanse your skin.  It’s said to be safe for all skin types including children, the elderly, pets and compromised skin.   You’ll love how clean your skin feels after using without any dryness.

The traditional content level of laurel oil has over the centuries been held by family and master Aleppo soap makers between 2-40% per batch with the price levels relative to the percentage used.  Colors of each batch will range between green (less laurel) and a deep golden color (high content of laurel oil) and when you cut into a bar of soap open you’ll see the beautiful green color no matter what content of laurel was used.  This batch was made the ‘cold process method’, has been aged for over 15 months, and contains 20% laurel berry oil with no additives or fragrance. 

If you are interested in learning more about Aleppo soap, there are many websites you can search to discover its history with all of its wonderful skin benefits and you’ll see why I chose to offer it.  While using Aleppo soap you will notice a pleasant woodsy scent, that it lathers up nicely, and it will last you longer than most other bars of soap (natural and synthetic).  


Olive oil, Laurel berry seed oil, Distilled Water and Sodium Hydroxide

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