Lip Kare

Always exposed to the elements, lips are prone to drying out more than any other part on your body. Lip Kare Stiks are a smart way to protect your lips from the elements and, even worse, from getting chapped and ultimately peeling. Bare Kare Lip Kare Stiks not only create the much needed barrier, they are also packed with simply wonderful ingredients that won’t dry out your lips (which many claim creates the need to continuously apply it every hour or two).

Beeswax is used as both an emollient and as an ingredient that gives our Lip Kare Stiks a natural ‘base’ for application. Cocoa butter, rice bran and coconut oil provides the hydration that your lips need. All natural, quality ingredients to care for your lips and keep them kiss-ably smooth.

We have a wide selection of lip safe ‘flavors’ to choose from. The flavors are really only a scent that tricks your senses into ‘tasting’ the flavor. We also add a hint of stevia leaf extract to provide a light natural sweetness. Since all of our Lip Kare Stiks are made to order you can request an unsweetened or unflavored version, if you prefer. Simply note this when placing your order or send me an email. Your preference is our number one priority!

  • Paraben free
  • Phthalate free
  • Petrolatum free
  • Dye free

Each of our Lip Kare Stiks are individually shrink wrapped with both a peel and tamper evident tab to ensure that you are receiving a safe and quality product.

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