Camo Girl

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You’re a warrior fighting the daily battles of life.  Kicking butt and tougher than nails (but sometimes those nails are painted a little pink, aren’t they?).    There’s a soft side to you though when you let your guard down.  So pamper yourself - you deserve it camo girl.  This light scent compliments your natural, clean self with a soft blend of woods and earthiness and just a touch of cashmere and jungle fruit to appease your secret feminine side.  Keep the good fight up in your urban jungle but remember, even a lioness takes time out for her self.   ​  


Oils of Olive, Organic coconut oil, Sweet Almond, Sunflower, Palm, Avocado and Castor Bean, Distilled water, Sodium hydroxide, Kokum butter, Fragrance, Kaolin clay, Mica colorant, Sea salt. 

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